What the Geek is Verzerrer?
Verzerrer is: "two guys making diffent music and mix it together"
Zzr started on the Amiga 500 on the good old Soundtracker while mic had some hardware and began with electro/dark wave stuff. When we met, we started working together, first with other people on different projects and sometimes real instruments.
later only we two were left composing and handing beta-tunes to each other. We made a lot of different stuff, music for quake 3 maps, roleplaymusic, electronica, drum n bass, ambient, pretty much anything electronic except real techno.
After a couple of years we decided to put our tracks on an own website... www.verzerrer.net was born.
Are there any CD/DVD/tapes/records I can buy with my pocket money?
You could download our music @ www.verzerrer.net, burn it on a CD and send it to us. After we received your CD, ask that Question again, thx.
erm....seriously: no.
Which Instruments/Hardware is Verzerrer using?
We use the phantastic and free all-in-one Solution "Jeskola Buzz" to arrange our Tracks. Voices and other Instruments we need are recorded and later loaded into Buzz
What Instruments?
Zzr is playing the Guitar quiet well, and Mic sometimes sings, plays didgeridoo or somewhat...
What is the Size of ZZRs Penis?
exactly 0,43864829463 foot (int)